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The Secret Life of Elephants

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The Secret Life of Elephants


This book is a unique and unusual blend of field work, anecdotes, observations and research on the lessor known behaviour patterns of Asian elephants. Written in an easy style, the book is of equal interest to the expert and the layperson. The author, a scientist, spent more than a decade observing elephants in Rajaji National Park, in India. The behaviour patterns documented in this book reflect the changing habitat and ecosystem, raising questions, and observations on new management techniques needed to address conservation challenges for wildlife in India.

Praise for the book:

This is an excellent book. Having worked with African elephants all my life, I can see the similarities and differences between the African and the Asian elephants. I liked the way Ritesh has combined statistics and research with stories.

-Dr. Cynthia Moss, Director, Amboseli Trust for Elephants, Nairobi

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