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Naini Tal: A Historical & Descriptive Account

//Naini Tal: A Historical & Descriptive Account

Naini Tal: A Historical & Descriptive Account


“This charming book first published in 1927 and now reprinted more than eighty years after provides the little known historical and descriptive account of the
quintessential lake town of Naini Tal tucked away in the lake district of the Kumaon
region and surrounded by seven hills. From an uninhabited landscape of the Himalayan
mountain range to a peaceful hilly hamlet for the English,Naini Tal metamorphosed into
a thriving hill station in a very short span of time.Much of the history of this quaint hill
station is intertwined around the chronicles of several developmental activities
undertaken during the Victorian and the Edwardian period. The book provides an
interesting history, with details of the fauna and flora of the region, in addition to rare
insights into the sociological,geographical and architectural background of the place.
The author,J M Clay,was Deputy Commissioner of Naini Tal.”

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history fo Naini Tal, Lake District, Uttarakhand


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