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Forestry for Economic Development

//Forestry for Economic Development

Forestry for Economic Development


Since Forest economics embodies the fundamentals of economics as applicable to forest resources, including land and water, the book endeavours to expound the economic aspects of forestry and allied subjects, the basic object to doing so is to knit the various aspects of forestry wite the principles of economics – theory and practice -and to show that silviculture. Forest and wildlife management. Forest mensuration, forest utilization, land use for environmental and ecological stability, forest based economic growth and development etc are not isolated strands of knowledge but are integral components of the same fabric. That of man’s behaviour in the ordinary business of life for resource use and its management. Because of India’s diversity in forest resources as also in forest practices and for the reason that the authors experiences are by and large based on Indian conditions. The illustrations and discussions represent an Indian background.

The book is intended to serve as a text and a reference book useful for mangers of natural resources in general and foresters in particulars who may not have the time or opportunity to attend courses in natural resource administration.

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