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  • This book is regarded as the Bible on the ecology of forests. It is sure to arrest the attention of not only students studying forestry but lay readers as well.
  • book is extremely useful for anyone who is interested in military history and
  • This book serves as a reference guide on forest engineering which is the foundation of the superstructure of the successful management of forests.
  • Forest Flora

  • The prime objective of forestry is not only to grow forest stands through to maturity in a healthy state but also to protect wood from biological degradation after conversion and during use. In this integrated approach, the role of a pathologist in forest management and timber utilisation can be appreciated in its proper perspective. Part 1 of this book talks about the general principles. Part 2 deals with the dieases of trees. Part 3 discusses causes, effects and control of microbial degradation of wood.
  • Howard's well known " Forect Pocket Book" provides a 'standard operating procedure' for field employees of the Forest Department towards the successful achievement of their objectives. The contents of the Pocket Book reval a wealth of field experience and painstaking devotion to the subject by the author.
  • This book delves into an intricate study of the various aspects of forests and their inter-relationship in acute detail, revealing facts integral to the science of forestry.
  • This is an elegant and ideal souvenir from India. With unique design and format, the book is a collection of quotes, thoughts and ideas laid out in elegant design. Its literally a pocket sized book with an attached metal Indian flag at the end of a ribboned bookmark.
  • Here is a single volume bible on wildlife management from India’s leading expert on the management of our threatened wildlife.
  • "General Giap, the mastermind of the French defeat at Din Bin Phu and War Minister for North Vietnam during the years of American involvement, was a unique leader and s strategiest of guerilla warfare. This book is based on source material relating to Giap's early participation in the Communist movement, his activities during The Second World War and his leadership of the armed force of the armed force of the Viet Minh against the French. The author assesses Giap not only ex post facto by what his plans actually achieved, but also by the quality of the decisions which he took as first step in achieving a military result. An attempt has been made to provide a comparison of facts from which value judgements may be made. "
  • This book emphasizes the need for a successful understanding of silvicultural systems for efficient forest management.
  • "This book covers a wide spectrum of issues in the vast domain of Ground-Based Air Defence. The selection of topics reflects their contemporary relevance. Some of these include 'The Unmanned Story', the amazing growth journey of Ballistic Missile Defence, Stealth and Counter stealth, Alternate Kill Options beyond Hard Kill, key trends in Integrated Air Defence, Battle Management and Control Systems, Power of Simulation, Future of Gun Ammunition and more. The book also contains a Status Commentary on the abiding duel between Air Attack and Air Defence, in the eternal Cause-Effect Cycle. The book will be of immense value to every professional soldier in general and every Air Defence Warrior in particular. "
  • What most hailed as a superb revolution- Vandana Shiva seems most cynical about – India’s Green Revolution. This book argues for diveristy rather than monogamous agriculture as the answer for sustainable progress.
  • Written by an offcial of the British Raj, this an enjoyable accont of the jungles of Central India.
  • This controversial book, written by Brigadier J P Dalvi, laid bare the caustic truth behind Indian crushing defeat in the hands of China in 1962.
  • This book is the official history of the operations in World World 2 as per the Brtish records.
  • This book scrupulously chronicles the German defeat at the hands of the Russians.
  • "These and more important questions are answered in this book. How to be a Successful Leader has become a textbook on leadership in India. This unique book talks about strategies to help you identify your leadership strengths, achieve your goals and increase your self-confidence, become a team player and strengthen cooperation among associates, balance work and leisure, control your worries and charge your life. It is important for a leader to motivate other to excel, build the team's self-confidence, provoke positive change, set direction, encourage smart risk-taking, manage with tough empathy, credit others for one's own success, increase self-awareness, and most importantly draw strength from adversity. "
  • "This work is a chronicle of all aircrew killed either in accidents or during operations in the aircraft of the Indian Air Force including those from the Indian Army, the Indian Navy as well as the foreigners. These pages also include names of those Indian air warriors, who perished either while on deputation with other agencies like Indian Navy, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Aviation Research Centre, Helicopter Corporation of India, etc. and while serving with the Royal Air Force or when undergoing flying courses abroad. This book has recorded all casualties that occurred right from the inception of the Indian Air Force, 8 October 1932, till 31 December 2012 - a span covering the period of the first 80 Years of the Indian Air Force. This work is the author's humble tribute and homage to these air warriors. "
  • General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, a distinguished army officer, led USA to victory in the First Gulf War. This book tells the story of his eventful life. A must read for all those interested in military history and stories of leadership.
  • This book is an enthralling treasure house of exciting jungle trails.
  • In this collection of short stories, India's favourite storyteller retells India's forgotten folktales. Have you heard of Hiranmantota, the kind's most trusted parrot who was betrayed by his master? Or of a Yakka, a creature with the face of a horse and the body of a woman? Do you know which prince married a monkey?Or about the queen who was actualy a rakshasa?Join Ruskin Bond on a fascinating journey where you will encounter generous kings and handsome princes, evil rakshasas and an angry Lord Shiva, a wise parrot and a scheming crane, a clever crab and a talking white elephant. The stories, told with Bond's sparkling wit, are a treasure trove of fun and wisdom, fables of the perrenial battle between good and evil in which the wise always win.
  • Here is the bare Act, for use by all forest officers.