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  • This book scrupulously chronicles the German defeat at the hands of the Russians.
  • "These and more important questions are answered in this book. How to be a Successful Leader has become a textbook on leadership in India. This unique book talks about strategies to help you identify your leadership strengths, achieve your goals and increase your self-confidence, become a team player and strengthen cooperation among associates, balance work and leisure, control your worries and charge your life. It is important for a leader to motivate other to excel, build the team's self-confidence, provoke positive change, set direction, encourage smart risk-taking, manage with tough empathy, credit others for one's own success, increase self-awareness, and most importantly draw strength from adversity. "
  • "This work is a chronicle of all aircrew killed either in accidents or during operations in the aircraft of the Indian Air Force including those from the Indian Army, the Indian Navy as well as the foreigners. These pages also include names of those Indian air warriors, who perished either while on deputation with other agencies like Indian Navy, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Aviation Research Centre, Helicopter Corporation of India, etc. and while serving with the Royal Air Force or when undergoing flying courses abroad. This book has recorded all casualties that occurred right from the inception of the Indian Air Force, 8 October 1932, till 31 December 2012 - a span covering the period of the first 80 Years of the Indian Air Force. This work is the author's humble tribute and homage to these air warriors. "
  • General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, a distinguished army officer, led USA to victory in the First Gulf War. This book tells the story of his eventful life. A must read for all those interested in military history and stories of leadership.
  • This book is an enthralling treasure house of exciting jungle trails.
  • In this collection of short stories, India's favourite storyteller retells India's forgotten folktales. Have you heard of Hiranmantota, the kind's most trusted parrot who was betrayed by his master? Or of a Yakka, a creature with the face of a horse and the body of a woman? Do you know which prince married a monkey?Or about the queen who was actualy a rakshasa?Join Ruskin Bond on a fascinating journey where you will encounter generous kings and handsome princes, evil rakshasas and an angry Lord Shiva, a wise parrot and a scheming crane, a clever crab and a talking white elephant. The stories, told with Bond's sparkling wit, are a treasure trove of fun and wisdom, fables of the perrenial battle between good and evil in which the wise always win.
  • Here is the bare Act, for use by all forest officers.
  • In two volumes, this useful book deals with extraction, conversion, and marketing of timber, wood structure and properties of wood, wood improvement and physical and chemical treatment, and derived products of wood. It looks at uses of wood, minor forest products, important minor forest products industries, avoidance of waste and identification of timber.
  • Popularly known as the 'Desert Fox', Erwin Rommel earned the respect of both the sides because of his stature as a master strategist during World War II.
  • Popularly known as the 'Desert Fox', Erwin Rommel earned the respect of both the sides because of his stature as a master strategist during World War II.
  • Col Sheppard has produced an immensely readable and workman-study in which he does justice to the courage and endurance of the troops of many nations who fought their way to final victory in Italy and the skills of the German Armies they defeated, as it brings into focus the interplay of operational, strategic, political, national, and personality considerations all of which had their bearing on the conduct of this campaign.
  • The noted military historian Maj. General D.K. Palit analyses one of the most innovative battles in modern times: battle for Italy in WWII.
  • Jungle Lore is the closest Jim Corbett ever came to an autobiography. In this book, one sees the real soul of a man and his love affair with the people, jungle, and animals of the Kumaon hills. This is the hindi edition of the book.
  • This is a chatty memoir about travels across the Indian jungles, written more than sixty years ago.
  • This is a captivating account of the war in Korea.. It was a war in which full scale Chinese army clashed for the first time with a western one. Communist Psychological warfare techniques were used but above all, it was a war bedevilled and complicated by power struggles between generals and statesmen.
  • This book provides an indepth account of the war that divided the Korean Peninsula and left an ever-lasting scar.
  • Jim Corbett's books on man-eating tigers are not only established classics, but also almost in a separate literary category by themselves. "Man-Eaters of Kumaon" is the best known of his books.This is the hindi edition of the same.
  • This book is essential to understanding the impact of dams on development. It analyses the costs of the construction of dams like Tehri and their impact on the environment, the feasibility of such projects, their impact on irrigation and power. It highlights the effects of dams on agriculture, the revenue return from power generating and the cost of power. It provides a powerful evaluation of large dams in the context of ecological and sustainable development.
  • "Dating back several centuries, Nangiarkoothu is a rare form of classical Sanskrit theatre from South India that is performed only in the temple, and only by a female solo artiste. Teyyam another art form from Kerela is a sacred folk ritual dance performed from December to April where it is believed that the spirit of the local deity enters the performer's body. Legacy Keepers is a meticulously research and beautifully produced book that is a moving journey of discovery into the hearts of the passionate artistes who perform rare classical and folk dances in remote corners of India and keep the heritage alive. They have broken boundaries, stereotypes, old caste or gender based societal structures to emerge as performers who fight the odds to preserve India's ancient culture."
  • This is a handguide for all Public Information officers on the RTI Act, in hindi.
  • Milroy's book is now something of a bestseller on the treatment of elephants.
  • Essential reading for every forest manager, this book offers a critical exposition of the classical principles, methods, and silvicultural systems - imperative reading for all forestry students.
  • Maneuver warfare can be thought of as military judo. Its about fighting smart, out thinking your opponent. It offers the fighting soldier the best hope of winning battles, campaigns and wars they may face in the future.
  • A complete and in depth biography of Manstein.