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Dynamics of Tiger Management In Priority Landscapes

//Dynamics of Tiger Management In Priority Landscapes

Dynamics of Tiger Management In Priority Landscapes


“Tigers have an inherent habit to move across landscapes. To facilitate such movements, corridors are essential. Lack of corridors connecting landscapes result in fatal human-tiger conflict, where, in most cases, it is the tiger which suffer. It has been proven that tiger population is determined by the carrying capacity of the tiger reserve. These is a great need for the connectivity of smaller population with larger population of tigers for their persistence in the future. The persistence of small population with habitat corridors in a metapopulation framework is the best management option for conservation of tigers in the long term.
The population dynamic of tigers thus depends on the quality of good and poor habitats, known as the source and sink dynamics. This book emphasises on the need to evaluate and develop a mitigation strategy for maintaining metapopulation structures of tigers in the priority landscapes.
The green infrastructure concept factors the importance of natural environment in land use planning. In the context of tiger landscapes in India, this will encompass a large number of tiger reserves, protected areas, corridors which create a system of ‘hubs’ and ‘links’. The green development in a tiger landscape spreading across multiple jurisdictions.

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