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What Makes Us Happy?

What Makes Us Happy?


“We need to talk to our children about what true happiness really means. If we dont, the kind of society we live in will lead them on to the incorrect and untrue track making them materialistic, selfish and competitive.This joyful, practical and poetic book will help adults and children talk and reflect on what makes us truly happy, and move towards the real joys of life!
– Christophe André, renowned French Psychiatrist


This unique book with unusual open and close flaps, chamring illustrations in large format asks simple questions that make little children think of how the simple things they can do and learn will help them grow up into happier and more content adults. Questions like how will you like to win, alone or by taking others along? When you see someone in trouble, will you ignore them or help them?



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Hard Cover



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19.1 x 4.9 x 18.8 cm




moral values for children, ethics for children


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