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The Great Health Scam

//The Great Health Scam

The Great Health Scam


“Would you believe it if you were told that a lot of all that appetizing, supposedly nutritious food you enjoy eating so much is actually slowly, stealthily poisoning you, your children, the earth’s entire environment?
Chances are you won’t believe it.
The truth is, its happening on an ever large scale But how is that possible?
In this book, a chef and scientist blow the lid off a huge, shameful conspiracy. Can this major threat to our health and that of the planet be combated? Yes, it can, but only if you become aware of how you’re being cheated, of how several scientists, officials, pharmaceutical and other companies, even sections of the media, blinded by big money are conniving and misrepresenting facts, wantonly destroying in one stroke the bounties of nature’s precious heritage and endangering the very future of planet earth.
The Great Health Scam brings you the real, shocking story…..

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Health, healthy eating, organic farming, corporate control on food


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