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Operations in Jammu and Kashmir 1947-48

//Operations in Jammu and Kashmir 1947-48

Operations in Jammu and Kashmir 1947-48


This is the full story of the military operations in Jammu and Kashmir during 1947-48, undertaken to save that Princely state, which had acceded to the Union of India, from a brutal invasion from Pakistan. The year long campaign saw many triumphs and tragedies, which are narrated objectively and in detail. The Indian Army and Air Force, just emerging from the throes of Partition, and still in the process of reorganisation, emerged from this ordeal with added brilliance and a brighter halo. It is an inspiring saga of heroism, devotion to duty, scarifice and professional competence.

Based on careful and exhaustaive research in secret government records, the book analyses the operations and presents the story  in simple, non-technical langauge. It should prove invaluable for the intelligensia, the journalist, the reading public as well as the man in uniform.



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