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  • A slim and crisp biography of Marshal Zhukov.
  • The Doon Valley, distinguished by its singular beauty and by the excllence of its many instuttions has won for itself a place of pre-eminence in the history of India. While its origins as a habitation are shrouded in the mists of time, it holds a place in folklore, legend and mythology. It appears firmly rooted in chronicled history only late in the sixteenth century. Thereafter myths  give way to real historical figures and their combats with clash of steel and the bark of muskets as they strive for possession of this fertile valley. Replete with delightful anecdotes and lavish in its praise of the natural beauty of the valley, this book is a perfect addition to every Doon lover's bookshelf.
  • A fascinating autobiography of the master tactician and the Soviet hero of World War II.
  • An excellent translation of the evergreen "MY INDIA" by conservationist and naturalist, Jim Corbett.
  • This book is essential reading for any forest officer.
  • This book is an inpsirational lecture by Field Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein on Military Leadership. It a short yet precise and extremely motivating.
  • This book is one of the best books written on the 1965 war.It offers a comprehensive understanding of the roots of Indo-Pak conflict. Fcousing on the 1965 war, this book begins with discussing the game plan of the major world powers that affected the Indo-Pak War. It offiers a very useful and informative account of the lineage, growth, weaponry, ethos, and operational doctrines of the Armies and Air Forces of India and Pakistan. The easy style and quick pace of the book make it stand out among other books on the war.
  • This well-researched and incisive book on personal finance debunks the myth and fear that surrounds investing for Indians. Anand explains every concept bit by bit and brings all his wisdom, and reading, and learning from the masters of the game, to your table, so that you can use his pearls of advice, termed as musings to 'mint crores while you earn only in thousands' - quoting Qamar Waheed Naqvi, well known journalist. Written as a tool for those starting out in their careers, this book uses an example of two characters, Anshreya and Honeycool, whose journey is delightfully captured in the book. This book has been acclaimed by leading entrepreneurs, finance and banking sector executives,actors, authors, sportspersons and media legends. The author is an army officer with a hugely popular blog - He is currently pursuing his PhD.
  • My India

    In My India, Jim Corbett gives us a glimpse into a life spent amongst village folk in the summer seat of British Imperial India, then known as the United Provinces (now Uttarakhand). Unlike his classic works about jungle and wildlife lore - where he recounts famous hunts in the midst of India's diverse and rich wildlife habitats— here Corbett sheds light on the India that he adored passionately for its 'simple and hardworking souls' who enriched his life. India was then on the cusp of crucial international and national movements. This book is a tribute to the charming characters who would otherwise not have appeared in the pages of history had Corbett not written about them here and made them unforgettable and immortal. Join Corbett as he takes you through the remote trails of villages in the foothills of the Himalaya introducing you to endearing stories of resilience, loyalty, and fortitude.
  • This is an elegant coffee-table book in black and white of quotations by and on Mahatma Gandhi. It also has quotations by people on Gandhi who met him. It is interspersed with photographs from the Gandhi archives in New Delhi. Its an inspirational book for all with a foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
  • "This charming book first published in 1927 and now reprinted more than eighty years after provides the little known historical and descriptive account of the quintessential lake town of Naini Tal tucked away in the lake district of the Kumaon region and surrounded by seven hills. From an uninhabited landscape of the Himalayan mountain range to a peaceful hilly hamlet for the English,Naini Tal metamorphosed into a thriving hill station in a very short span of time.Much of the history of this quaint hill station is intertwined around the chronicles of several developmental activities undertaken during the Victorian and the Edwardian period. The book provides an interesting history, with details of the fauna and flora of the region, in addition to rare insights into the sociological,geographical and architectural background of the place. The author,J M Clay,was Deputy Commissioner of Naini Tal."
  • This biography movingly protrays the planning and implementation behind the greatest invasion the world has ever known - Operation Overlord.He describes the whole plan behind D Day and the battle of Normandy.
  • Prenita is an artist inspired by nature. She makes jottings as she paints in her journals on a daily basis. This book is a collection of some of her learnings about life from nature. It has her artworks interspersed with her musings - they are simple, heart-warming, wise and witty, for you and me to dip into anytime for some real food for the soul. &nbsp
  • This book is nature writing at its best from the heart of India's forests. Dr. Johnsingh takes the readers across India's national parks and tiger reserves and as the reader takes in the sense and smell of the forest, the author shares his environmental concerns for the area and possible solutions for conservation. Jim Corbett has been a lifelong inspiration for the author and the first section of the book traces Corbett's paths along the forests as they were decades ago. According to John Seidensticker who has written the foreword, "Going for a walk in an Indian forest with Dr. A.J.T. Johnsingh is simply one of the finest experiences you can have in life. There is his good humour. There is the joy in his steps when he is walking in the forest. He walks to live, and lives to walk – and it shows. And you feel good because he is so at home in the forest. He is ever alert; completely aware of all that is going on around him…. Dr. Johnsingh is legendary for his ability to find and see wildlife. Nothing goes unnoticed…  And if you are impressed with his enthusiasm on a walk in the forest, just wait until you go looking for mahseer with him."

  • The renowned writer Compton Mackenzie sets out on the uneasy and difficult task to define moral courage in this intellectually stimulating read.
  • On the Trail of a Lion is a unique, first-hand and often chilling account of the turmoil in Afghanistan over the past 20 years, an exposé of the heroes and the villains of the history and a most human story of one man, Ahmed Shah Massoud, and his vision for his country. The book concludes with an analysis of Afghanistan in the turbulent post-Massoud era.
  • On War

    On War has been a staple text for military generals who have led their armies in battlefield across centuries since its first publication in 1832. It is also an essential rule book to achieve success in any field and thus remains a classic.
  • This book is a brilliant personal 'history', as the author was always reluctant to call his work a historical one. He was a staff officer for most of the war brokering some significant conversations between Eisenhower and Montgomery during times of tension between these two strong willed commanders.
  • This is the full story of the military operations in Jammu and Kashmir during 1947-48, undertaken to save that Princely state, which had acceded to the Union of India, from a brutal invasion from Pakistan. The year long campaign saw many triumphs and tragedies, which are narrated objectively and in detail. The Indian Army and Air Force, just emerging from the throes of Partition, and still in the process of reorganisation, emerged from this ordeal with added brilliance and a brighter halo. It is an inspiring saga of heroism, devotion to duty, scarifice and professional competence. Based on careful and exhaustaive research in secret government records, the book analyses the operations and presents the story  in simple, non-technical langauge. It should prove invaluable for the intelligensia, the journalist, the reading public as well as the man in uniform.    
  • This book lays out the scientific , legal, political and cultural struggle to defend the sovereignty of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge. Corporate war on nature and people through patents and corporate Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has unleashed an epidemic of biopiracy, including important legal battles of fighting biopiracy including neem, wheat and basmati which are synthesised in this book. It is the first detailed legal history of the international and national laws related to biodiverity and IPR. The attempt to 'enclose the commons of biodiversity and biodiversity related knowledge through patents and intellectual property rights ( IPRs) is the final step in the series of enclosures that began with the rise of colonialism. The recovery of the commons through the reocgnition of common creativity of nature and people, paves the way for a future beyond piracy and monopoly, it wakes us to the origins of life in nature and knowledge in culture. It sows the seeds of shared abundance.
  • The 1965 conflict between India and Pakistan may not rank among major wars, but within their limited resources, the two nations did manage to fight each other to a standstill. This book has perspective as well as detail. Major General Shaukat Riza visualises each aspect of the war in its entirety and does justice to al the operations carried out in course of the war.
  • Here is the official report of the Pakistan army for the 1947-49 operations.
  • This book defines the meaning of leadership and brings together the ideas of leading world thinkers to give the reader an understanding of the virtues and tenets of how to become a leader.
  • This book is as much an inspirational story of the growth of Cashpor Micro Credit from its humble beginnings to how it has gradually empowered women across te states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh as it is about the vision and dedication of its Founder and Chairman, David S Gibbons.