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  • Are human truths as immutable and constant as the law of Newton or are human phenomena subjective in interpretation, varying therefore according to the biases of differing viewpoints. It is possible, concludes D'Souza, in this wide ranging work, to find objectivity in the analysis of human matters and thus freedom from the vagaries of interpretation, in the survival impulse. This impulse, primitive and almost biological in its origin, serves as a most satisfactory explanation of all human phenomena.
  • This book provides a simple outline of the Arab-Israeli Wars 1967-1973 with clear maps and also provides a biography of General Moshe Dayan for students for easy study.
  • The Nobel laureate and the greatest British Statesman of wartime Britain Winston Churchill tries to analyse one of the most important events in the history of the world: the American Civil War.
  • Warfighting

    Very simply, this publication describes the philosophy which distinguishes the U.S. Marine Corps. The thoughts contained here are not merely guidance for action in combat but a way of thinking. This publication provides the authoritative basis for how we fight and how we prepare to fight. This book contains no specific techniques or procedures for conduct. Rather, it provides broad guidance in the form of concepts and values. It requires judgment in application. Warfighting is not meant as a reference manual; it is designed to be read from cover to cover. Its four chapters have a natural progression. Chapter 1 describes our understanding of the characteristics, problems, and demands of war. Chapter 2 derives a theory about war from that understanding. This theory in turn provides the foundation for how we prepare for war and how we wage war, chapters 3 and 4, respectively.
    The U.S. Marine Corps is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for providing power projection from the sea, using the mobility of the United States Navy to deliver combined-arms task forces rapidly. It is one of seven uniformed services of the United States. In the civilian leadership structure of the United States military, the Marine Corps is a component of the United States Department of the Navy, often working closely with U.S. naval forces for training, transportation, and logistic purposes; however, in the military leadership structure the Marine Corps is a separate branch.
  • In this collection of short stories, India's favourite storyteller retells India's forgotten folktales. Have you heard of Hiranmantota, the kind's most trusted parrot who was betrayed by his master? Or of a Yakka, a creature with the face of a horse and the body of a woman? Do you know which prince married a monkey?Or about the queen who was actualy a rakshasa?Join Ruskin Bond on a fascinating journey where you will encounter generous kings and handsome princes, evil rakshasas and an angry Lord Shiva, a wise parrot and a scheming crane, a clever crab and a talking white elephant. The stories, told with Bond's sparkling wit, are a treasure trove of fun and wisdom, fables of the perrenial battle between good and evil in which the wise always win.
  • This book contains the recently formulated and well envisioned Biological Diversity Act. It also contains important rules and an essay on Biodiversity Conservation in India.
  • What most hailed as a superb revolution- Vandana Shiva seems most cynical about – India’s Green Revolution. This book argues for diveristy rather than monogamous agriculture as the answer for sustainable progress.
  • This book is a definitive work on military science and a comprehensive textbook for military study.
  • This edition of the bare act contains the new amendments from 2022 appended to the existing act at the end of the book for quick reference. It also contains Rules upto 2006; Declarartion of Wild life Stock Rules, 2003; The Wildlife ( Transactions and Taxidermy) Rules, 1973; the Wildlife (Stock Declaration ) Central Rules, 1973; The Wildlife (Protection) Licensing (Additional Matters for Consideration) Rules , 1983; Recognition of Zoo Rules, 1992; Guidelines for Appointment of Honorary Wildlife Wardens: Elephant Preservation Act, 1879: Guidelines for Tourism in and around Tiger Reserves and; Central Government orders Prohibiting Sale of Animals by a Zoo.
  • Here is a book that deals with wildlife crimes throughgiving extensive colour illustrations and images for easy detection.
  • War in Malaya

    The war in Malaya is important as it was the first large scale campaign to be fought within British or British protected territory. It was also the first experience of a campaign fought with modern weapons in jungle warfare conditions.
  • It must surely be exceptional that a prominent general should be accorded grater appreciateion, respect, and sympathy, veen posthomously, by his enemeies than by his own country. But such was the fate of the charismatic Field Marhsal Von Rundstedt. This book is his remarkable biography.
  • What most hailed as a superb revolution- Vandana Shiva seems most cynical about – India’s Green Revolution. This book argues for diveristy rather than monogamous agriculture as the answer for sustainable progress.
  • It's a deft Hindi translation of Jim Corbett's most adventurous tale of his encounter with a very notorious leopard in Rudraprayag.
  • An excellent translation of the evergreen "MY INDIA" by conservationist and naturalist, Jim Corbett.
  • Jim Corbett's books on man-eating tigers are not only established classics, but also almost in a separate literary category by themselves. "Man-Eaters of Kumaon" is the best known of his books.This is the hindi edition of the same.
  • Jungle Lore is the closest Jim Corbett ever came to an autobiography. In this book, one sees the real soul of a man and his love affair with the people, jungle, and animals of the Kumaon hills. This is the hindi edition of the book.
  • What most hailed as a superb revolution- Vandana Shiva seems most cynical about – India’s Green Revolution. This book argues for diveristy rather than monogamous agriculture as the answer for sustainable progress.
  • This book, written by the great Jim Corbett himself, tells thrilling stories of his many encounters with the man-eaters of Uttarakhand.
  • This famous book celebrates the diversity in culture and nature by one of the world’s leading environmentalists.
  • This well-researched and incisive book on personal finance debunks the myth and fear that surrounds investing for Indians. Anand explains every concept bit by bit and brings all his wisdom, and reading, and learning from the masters of the game, to your table, so that you can use his pearls of advice, termed as musings to 'mint crores while you earn only in thousands' - quoting Qamar Waheed Naqvi, well known journalist. Written as a tool for those starting out in their careers, this book uses an example of two characters, Anshreya and Honeycool, whose journey is delightfully captured in the book. This book has been acclaimed by leading entrepreneurs, finance and banking sector executives,actors, authors, sportspersons and media legends. The author is an army officer with a hugely popular blog - He is currently pursuing his PhD.
  • This very unique book is a blend of travel writing mixed with a deep keenness to explore the mystery of the jungle and what lies behind the darkness of it. The author blends his travels to India's famous Corbett National Park with his understanding of the deeper meaning that the forests and their darkness hold. While on one hand the author shares his experiences of travels in the Park and information about the Park and its history, he also shares true stories of the supernatural, first hand experiences, anecdotes from residents and fellow travellers to raise questions in the mind of the reader - whats true and whats not - is there a higher power that controls situations as they occur or is it man's limitation at understanding the world beyond us.