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  • Gen Bayo is the man famou for training Castro and Guevara in the art of guerrilla tactics. This simple yet powerful book in a question answer format is ideal for anyone looking to understand how to combat guerrilla techniques and emerge victorious.
  • The 2012 edition of the first full inside story of Operation Thunderbolt, the spectacular Israeli Strike against terrorism. Also made into a film, this book remains as relevent as ever even today in the world's fight against terrorism.
  • One of the first collections by master storyteller, Ruskin Bond, this book, an absolute favourite with children across schools is back in print.
  • Protected areas are sacred lands capable of providing us a kinship with wondrous wild creatures and plants, our fellow travellers on this planet. We need to ensure their persistence for posterity. Scientific wildlife mangement plans form the foundation of a protected area but they need vision and long term planning. This book provides the essential framework, processes and procedures. It is based on integration of modern scientific precepts  and practises with social, cultural, economic and administrative realities. It is designed to address multiple spatial scales  and links with plans for forest management and those for social and economic development on the surrounding managed landscapes.
  • This book is about the essential virtues that make an Indian soldier: courage, fidelity, and loyalty. Moreover, the book is a comprehensive account of the history of the Indian army.
  • This book in Hindi tries to capture the incredible and meteoric rise of Anna Hazare in Indian social life through his first succesful social reform movement in his village.
  • "Conservationists learned a long time ago that each farm presents a different combination of problems compared to every other farm. This plan consists of a combination of practices especially designed to fit the different kinds of land, the climate, the adapted crops, the habits and desires of the farmer, markets, and many other factors. A combination of soil conservation practices that will work on one farm may not work at all on the farm right next door. The purpose of this book is to present as specifically and simply as possible the techniques of planning, laying out and applying as many of the well-known soil and water conservation practises as possible. Supported with a fine set of photographs and illustrations, farmers and students of agriculture will profit greatly from a study of this text. "
  • This book deals with Zahiruddin Babur's extraordinary journey from a pauper prince in distant Kabul to the founder of the Mughal Empire in India.
  • Battle for Italy was one the most gruelling and exhausting fights that took place in the course of the Second World War. This book brilliantly holds the reader's attention from the start of the confrontation to its eventual finish.
  • The book retells the last and most climactic confrontation in the long-drawn battle for Italy in the Second World War.
  • This is a book that focusses on two most hard-fought battles in the Indo-Pak war of 1965. This is that kind of book that has the capacity to move all nation-loving Indians.
  • This classic is a must-have for the military students who are preparing for a successful career in the armed forces.
  • Travel back to lesser known, but vitally important chapters of India's war history dating from the 13th century to the 19th century in this expansive book. The author, an armed forces veteran and scholar, carefully selects befitting battles and explains their importance not just in India's history but also India's present. Filled with interesting diagrams and fascinating maps, this book provides great lessons and insights for today's strategists and leaders, whether in the military or outside. It is also a historian's delight as it revisits an unexamined past with great flair and high quality analysis.
  • This excellently written book by wll known writer David Glantz challenges the time-honoured explanation that poor weather, bad terrain, and Hitler's faulty strateguc judgement produced German defeat, and reveals how the RED Army thwarted the German Army's dramatic and apparently inexorable invasion before it achieved its ambitious goals.
  • This book has been created with the idea of having a training manual in hindi on conservation and its implementation for the field. It raises all the important conservation concerns in Hindi and explains solutions and consequences. Written by one of India's leading foresters, it is a must have for all those working in conservation.
  • This is the much-awaited Hindi edition of the popular "Field Guide to Indian Mammals" by Vivek Menon
  • Bhitarkanika is one of India's most exciting biodiversity regions. This book focuses on it as a case study to understand protection and conservation efforts.
  • The books takes a critical look at the impact of the Green Revolution on Indian farming. It offers solutions, in terms of organic farming and biodiversity conservation. This is a book every one must read, specially policy makers and scientists, so they learn from the reality of the real costs of the Green Revolution, stop the expansion of the Green Revolution into East India, and start te transition to the Real Green Revolution that works with nature, not against her, which works for people, not against them.
  • This book contains the recently formulated and well envisioned Biological Diversity Act. It also contains important rules and an essay on Biodiversity Conservation in India.
  • A hilarious collection of unbelievable but true facts, to laugh at when you're alone or with family and friends. An ideal gift for a close buddy!
  • Written in 1998 for a conference on Fascism, this allegory became an international bestseller for its crisp interweave of design and text. A must read!
  • The man eating tiger has speed, agility, muscle power, lightning reflexes and a ferocious killer instinct. It weighs 500 lb. The man has a cool head, a sure eye, a rifle and two brass cartridges. He weighs only 160 lb. The tiger growls, bursts out of the long grass, and launches itself . . .
    This was the drama that played out in the life of the legendary writer and conservationist, Jim Corbett, on several occasions. For him, the hunt was not about trophy tiger skins, or for the prestige of being a famous shikari – but to save lives when a man eater was on the rampage. Born in Kumaon, Corbett grew up in the jungle. He was well versed with its laws, and heunderstood its language. This hunter of the man eaters went on to become a die-hard conservationist, working to preserve and promote the majestic tiger. He harboured a great love for India and its people – of all castes and creeds, which is evident through all his writings.
    In a novel inspired by Jim Corbett's life and writings, author and conservationist, Harnihal Sidhu tells the epic tale of India’s most famous tiger hunter and conservationist. Corbett's journey was a difficult one, with moments of wild joy, suffering and heartbreak. 
    Burning Bright  is not a biography, a formal history or an academic study. It is a gripping tale told by a charmed storyteller, based on the life of a great man. Sometimes, the shortest road to the clearest view runs through the land of fiction.