Jumbos on the Edge


“arranting immediate and long term solution.   This is an excellent book which throws light on mitigation measures to be adopted in elephant landscapes fragmented by varied land uses, including heavily used infrastructure.  This timely publication would be extremely useful for field managers, stakeholder departments and policy makers.”

– Dr. Rajesh Gopal

 India faces a serious challenge today towards long term in-situ conservation of the elephant population.  This is a timely publication as it explains issues related to elephant depredation in the human enclaves and fragmentation of elephant landscapes across the elephant range.  The Field Managers and policy makers would benefit from the studies on alternative cropping patterns as mitigation strategy in and around the forests where interspersion ratio of forests and crop lands is a major cause of elephant depredation.

The book would be extremely useful for field managers, stake holders from different departments working in the elephant landscapes.  The challenge of increasing linear infrastructure through the forest landscapes is a serious one.  The book deals at length with the mitigation strategy to be adopted in linear projects like national highways, railways, irrigation projects, transmission lines, etc.  These strategies can be incorporated in the project right at the inception stage so as to reduce the impact on the wild life.  The designs of different mitigations explained in the book can be suitably changed to different landscapes in the country.

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Elephants, elephant conservation, man-animal conflict, environment conservation


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