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  • Advances in technology have set the stage for a major shift in how we fight wars and gather intelligence. Drones - cheap and plentiful - are poised to support and, in some cases, supplant current weapons, at a fraction of the cost. Not everyone is convinced. How can small drones with limited battery life stay in the air long enough to achieve anything on a strategic scale? And how can anything so small make an impact? But with new tchnology that allows drones to draw energy from the environment and swarms of thousands of drones acting together, their impact is anything but small. From anti-personnnel weapons to miniature demolition devices and high-temperature incendiaries, new technology is making small drones into true engines of destruction. The high cost of miliary aircraft, the rise of biomimetic technology, advances in the science of swarming behaviour - all of these are leading us to a future where drone swarm rules the skies. "Swarm Troopers" will show you what that future looks like and explore whether or not we''ll be ready for both the opportunities and threats it may bring.