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  • On the Trail of a Lion is a unique, first-hand and often chilling account of the turmoil in Afghanistan over the past 20 years, an exposé of the heroes and the villains of the history and a most human story of one man, Ahmed Shah Massoud, and his vision for his country. The book concludes with an analysis of Afghanistan in the turbulent post-Massoud era.
  • Here is the official report of the Pakistan army for the 1947-49 operations.
  • The 1965 conflict between India and Pakistan may not rank among major wars, but within their limited resources, the two nations did manage to fight each other to a standstill. This book has perspective as well as detail. Major General Shaukat Riza visualises each aspect of the war in its entirety and does justice to al the operations carried out in course of the war.
  • Giap's book is now an evergreen bestseller!
  • A blistering narrative of an important battle in the Korean War, which lasted for 48 hours at a stretch.
  • This is a detailed account of the daily observations and recordings of the victory in South-east Asia against the Japanese and the great role of Maj-Gen Wingate. This book shows how the joint forces collaborated to achieve victory.
  • "This volume addresses how the leadership of China and the PLA view what size of PLA best meets China’s requirements. Among other things, this analytical process makes important new contributions on the question of PLA transparency, long an issue among PLA watchers. A great deal of emphasis has been put on understanding not only how, but also why a military modernizes itself. Some of the determining factors are national policies and strategy, doctrine, organizational structure, missions, and service cultures."
  • Street without Joy is an objective and poignant account of the French involvement in Vietnam and its subsequent retreat.
  • This book, covering the European part of the Second World War, stands as one of the masterpieces of military history.
  • This book provides the composite story of the Burma campaign. The author has explained the important aspect of operations in logical sequence and in lucid style, bringing out clearly the application of the principles of war. All the chapters in this book have been well arranged and give a continuous picture of the many events as they took place. The strategic, tactical and administrative problems that were tackled have also been well brought out. The factual information in this book and large numbers of maps and sketches will be useful to students of military history, particularly to those preparing for their promotion and Staff College Entrance examinations. This book also carries a well-researched and concise biography of Field-Marshal Viscount Slim.
  • This volume seeks to put the twenty-two day war in proper perspective and takes stock of the fighting, in so far as it is permissible, evaluating its political and military impact on the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent, eliminating mis-emphasis and arriving at a sober assessment of the fateful events.
  • This is an expose on China’s conspiracy to destroy America as it is in China’s interest to be the supreme super power, economically, militarily and geographically.
  • War in Malaya

    The war in Malaya is important as it was the first large scale campaign to be fought within British or British protected territory. It was also the first experience of a campaign fought with modern weapons in jungle warfare conditions.
  • This book is a brief account of the course of the war that took place in Vietnam between 1945 and 1973. It was the type of struggle that gained prominence in the 20th Century and is usually referred to as Guerrilla warfare.
  • A vivid yet insightful view of what the Global War on Terror really means in Afghanistan's unforgiving mountains and churning cities. Sean Maloney's combination of on-the-ground experience in Afghanistan and his background as an experienced military historian and analyst brings real insight to the fascinating and strategically vital situation. It has been a new world since 9/11, and Sean Maloney has expertly chronicled a part of it. This is the story written from the frontline, not the academic desk, by a Canadian with much experience of the emerging nature of conflict worldwide.
  • This is the true account of the most significant battle of WW II in the eastern front: the battle for Hong Kong.
  • This book narrates the story of the fall of Singapore to the hands of the Allied forces. The language and style of the book make it an evergreen classic.