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Origin: The Corporate War on Nature and Culture

//Origin: The Corporate War on Nature and Culture

Origin: The Corporate War on Nature and Culture


This book lays out the scientific , legal, political and cultural struggle to defend the sovereignty of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge. Corporate war on nature and people through patents and corporate Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has unleashed an epidemic of biopiracy, including important legal battles of fighting biopiracy including neem, wheat and basmati which are synthesised in this book. It is the first detailed legal history of the international and national laws related to biodiverity and IPR. The attempt to ‘enclose the commons of biodiversity and biodiversity related knowledge through patents and intellectual property rights ( IPRs) is the final step in the series of enclosures that began with the rise of colonialism. The recovery of the commons through the reocgnition of common creativity of nature and people, paves the way for a future beyond piracy and monopoly, it wakes us to the origins of life in nature and knowledge in culture. It sows the seeds of shared abundance.

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patents, traditional knowledge, neem, cotton, pesticides, organic farming, environment, agriculture, spirituality, nature's rights, planet earth, sustainability


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